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Freestone's producer and composer of The Temple of Humanity gives several lectures in the field of music and Freemasonry.

In his lecture "Does Freemasonry Belong in Popular Music", he further explains the ideas that can be found in the album’s music, lyrics and artwork. First he goes into detail to what extend Freemasonry can be found in popular music, after which he speaks about the motives that had him started working on the album. If you are interested in this multimedia presentation for an evening in your lodge, please contact Freestone.


- 0031 - 61412 4663

"Freemasonry, Making good men better"

What others say:

"Mood music is far too trite to describe this tremendous work but it does, without a doubt, create a 'mood' for any Mason and more especially, those of a contemplative mind".

Ed King

“The music seems a mix of styles but is enjoyable to listen to very calming and yet has messages to tell in each song. I will listen to it some more to gain the very deep meanings found there in."