Credits to the bleeding hearts and the artists



Music and lyrics: Harm Timmerman


Harm Timmerman: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, synthesizers and midi programming

Diederik Huisman: Vocals, backing vocals and acoustic guitar on Turn the key, additional lyrics

Theun Supheert: Drums

Alex Simu: Saxophone and flute

Cas Straatman: Piano

Floor Groeneveld: Cello

Choir on Documentum intellige: members of Toonkunstkoor Bekker and Tight Bars; Thanks to Hans and Ellen


Produced by Harm Timmerman

Bauke van der Laaken: mixing, mastering, additional programming/arranging/composing


Recorded in Studio Harmonic

Drums, cello, choir and vocals recorded in Studio Spitsbergen, Zuidbroek, the Netherlands

Design: Jandaan Westhof;



Tracingboards on inner sleeve:

The Temple of Humanity: © Pieter D. Torensma;

All Seeing Eye, compass and square: © Robert Duinkerken

King Solomon: Gustave Doré

Medal; ©Hans Mes;

Out of the dark: © Jandaan Westhof and Harm Timmerman

Order and Chaos: M.C. Escher © 2007 TheM.C. Escher Company B.V. Baarn The Netherlands.

All rights reserved.

Wisdom, Strength, Beauty: © Jens Rusch;

The Ancient of days: William Blake

Paintbrush Tracingboard: © Ko Kammeijer;

Religion: © Piet van der Maaden; collection Cultural Masonic Centre ‘Prins Frederik’ The Hague

Vanitas: © Harm Timmerman


Thanks to:

Koen, Rutger, Jan, members of L’Union Provinciale, Diederik van Rossum, Fred Zinsmeester, Cor van Dijk, Malcolm Davies, the chain which encircles the earth, Thijs Helfrich, Esther for love and shelter and most of all José (you make the meaning of your name come true), the spirit of Hiram Abiff and the G.·.A.·.O.·.T.·.U.·. from where it all comes from.



This album is dedicated to J.P. Groeneveld