We see it in books, in movies, in documentaries and even on the 1$-bill. We hear references in Jazz and Classical Music, but now there is Popmusic inspired by the rich tradition of Freemasonry.

With the conceptalbum The Temple of Humanity by the band Freestone, Freemasonry is entering Popular Music for the first time. What is Freemasonry, what is its purpose, what are freemasons up to in their lodges, does the United States of America have Masonic roots and what is the meaning of the all-seeing eye? The Temple of Humanity doesn’t directly give answers, but provides a discovery through symbols and rituals of the mystical tradition of Freemasonry. References can be found in music, lyrics and artwork. No conspiracy theories or unnecessary secrecy, but an authentic story based upon personal experience translated in twelve powerful songs.

The album is composed and produced by someone who is initiated, both in Freemasonry as well as in music. In co-operation with experienced musicians, The Temple of Humanity is a professional produced authentic and unique album. The packaging and booklet contain fascinating art and artists from different countries (of whom a few are masons themselves) have contributed their work.

Freestone makes pop- and rockmusic based upon different themes that can be commonly found in popmusic. Music and artwork are contemporary and the album shows that in the popcommunity and in the changing music industry, there is still place for something new. The album in interesting for music lovers who are in search for something different. Discover the mystery and listen to The Temple of Humanity.