Recensie door Masonic Traveler

The Music of Freemasonry.

I had a unique opportunity recently to listen to the new CD The Temple of Humanity by musician and composer Harm Timmerman, who happens to be a Brother from Leeuwarden in The Netherlands.

The CD is self-described as “The “Music of Freemasonry” and having listened to it several times already I would tend to agree. But this isn’t the usual high-pitched organ grind or the occulted “Magic Flute”. No, this music reaches out and becomes part of the spirit of the tiled Masonic lodge room and carries the listener into the sublime meditative state that we each strive to inhabit when contemplating the degrees.

It’s definitely not what you expect when you think about “Masonic Music”, which makes it a joy to listen to and connect with. This music is unique in that it is contemporary and melodic, and not a gross interpretation of the esoteric and secret. It does delve into the profane ideas of mysticism, instead he approaches if from our perspective, in the same ways we do, looking for the source of the GAOTU. The album captures the tone and mood of what being a Freemason is about, musically, lyrically, meditatively, and unashamedly.

This is not just an album that throws a few Masonic words painted in patriotism into a tune to call itself a Masonic album. Every song is a musical exploration of our path through Masonry and its rich layered history and ideology. All of us are the widow’s son and at some point have mused about symbols that this music evokes.

Released by Free-Stone Music, the new CD is available in the U.S. on Amazon. Cover to cover it is a true expression of Modern Freemasonry in the musical art. You can definitely feel the passion that went into it and I highly recommend you pick it up.