Searching for the Universal

Freemasonry is a method handed down through the ages to work on one’s expansion of consciousness. With the assistance of symbols which have been connected with each other within a framework of a number of rituals, members contemplate the maxim ‘Know Thyself’. The purpose is to learn to know about one’s self and to determine ones own place in respect to himself, his fellowmen and the cosmos, the nature of God: the All.

The Order of Freemasons continues the existence of a spiritual and moral world-order, which propels man and humanity upwards. Every freemason is free to experience and conceptualise the Being of all Things, God, nature, in his own way. This makes it possible for people of different religious convictions to be a member of the same Order.

Freemasons search for answers to questions about the real essence of life. They meet in a lodge and exchange thoughts about all kinds of subjects. They test their own views against those of other Freemasons who often have differing points of view and convictions. Freemasons endeavour to find that which unites people and nations, and try to remove that which divides men’s hearts and minds.